Julie Waterman
(207) 318-5036

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Julie Waterman

Hello, My name is Julie. I am a fitness instructor and artist. Before Reliv, I was a tired mom. I took naps almost every afternoon and had brain fog. It felt like cotton sitting on my head. I also had shoulder, hip and knee pain. The shoulder and hip pain kept me awake at night; the knee pain was most bothersome going up and down stairs.

After 3 weeks of starting on the Reliv shakes, twice a day, I noticed I had more energy. By the end of the month I had stopped taking naps. I now have a steady energy that lasts throughout the day into the evening. After 3 1/2 months of consistently taking the products, my hips and shoulders stopped hurting at night. After several months of taking Arthaffect (which is designed for joint function) I can take the stairs with ease. I am so grateful that someone introduced me to Reliv!

With a product that actually works, I knew I had a business. Friends and family wanted to know more about this "Reliv stuff" I was taking, and I began to grow a check. After a few months, I had replaced my administrative income! I have never sold anything before, but Reliv makes it easy. There is training and support so that this doesn't have to be done alone.

If you would like to know more about how you can earn an income that is unlimited, please contact me and I will show you how to help people with their health while earning the income of your dreams. I don't know which is better; the pay check or the "thank you"s that I get for helping people!